So are the lips of Kendall Jenner without makeup

How much we like to see celebrities without makeup, right? But now the challenge of naturalness is not only in having a ‘clean’ face but in posing without filters. And we know that the Kardashian-Jenners are experts in modifying and perfecting their faces (in their own way) applying digital touch-ups that we could define as ‘massive’.

Kendall Jenner It could not be less and the truth is that his way of posing (and filtering his images) does not allow us to know what his real appearance is like. In fact, there are many rumors about the possible treatments that could have been done on the lips to make them appear bulkier and it is not clear whether these have taken place or not. Well, until now, since some photos of Kendall have been leaked, in Coachella, where you can see what are his famous lips really like, unretouched and just as you would see them in person. And no, they are not what you imagined.

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Yes, Kendall Jenner is heavily made up, that’s right. But what we see in this unretouched image is the true size of her lips, which is not as big as we thought seeing other snapshots.

What happens is that the model wears them profiled, VERY profiled, outside, overcoming Cupid’s bow. In this way, it creates an optical illusion of a volume that, in reality, is not there. Depending on the plane, the pose or the retouching, it would seem that her lips are this way. fleshy but the reality is that they are not so. And what there is is a remarkable action on the part of your make-up artist and a pencil liner.

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