Pete Davidson’s environment recommends that he NOT appear on the Kardashian reality show

The relationship between Peter Davidson and kim kardashian It is more than confirmed and it is going from strength to strength. The couple publicly squanders love and she acknowledges that she is in a very happy moment while the family reality show, the kardashians, is reaching unprecedented heights of success in the history of this media family. Now that Pete is one more… will he appear on the show? Well, it would be expected, considering that Travis Barker is already there recounting with Kourtney his way to the altar and his attempts to be parents, or all the ex-partners of the sisters have participated.

It is not yet known if Davidson will end up involved in the reality show but yes you know that its environment nearby does NOT recommend participating in it. But… isn’t the chance of a lifetime for any person in show business to appear on such a show, a guarantee of popularity and instant publicity?

Pete Davidson has a solid career as a comedian dividing his time between Saturday night Live and other projects in film and television. An anonymous source close to the actor claims that he doesn’t need this kind of popularity as he was already doing great before he met Kim.

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But the most important thing is that everyone knew Pete professionally before Kim, but very little was known about his day-to-day life and… is this necessary? And not only that: these people close to Pete have remembered other ex-partners of the Kardashians who had a lot of weight in the reality show (Tristan Thompson, Lamar Odom…) and that now their popularity is rock bottom -because of their own actions but, also, for having appeared reflected as such in the program-.

“I think it is a way to kill the relationship”, affirms this anonymous source. “Appearing on reality shows decimates all men,” she concludes.

What will Pete finally do? We will be attentive…

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