This has been the (not so) secret visit of Harry and Meghan to Elizabeth II

Since Meghan Markle and the prince harry will definitely settle in Los Angeles, only the latter has returned to the United Kingdom alone: ​​once, for the funeral of the Duke of Edinburgh and another, for the tribute to Diana of Wales. Meghan, since her departure in 2020, had not publicly left the United States and it has been the celebration of the Invictus Games that has brought the Dukes of Sussex to Europe, specifically to The Hague, where they will begin this weekend. And before landing in the Netherlands Meghan and Harry have done something that no one could expect: passing through Windsor to visit Elizabeth II. And with him Prince carlos at that same family reunion. Finally!

The Sussex communication office has confirmed the news that all the media have already offered, even People so it is not a rumor nor the floor of all royalists They had been waiting for this meeting for two years.

The Queen has permanently settled in Windsor, where she has just recovered from the aftermath of Covid-19, and lives semi-secluded from public life. His acts have been reduced to a minimum and lately participates telematically more than in person. However, yesterday – Holy Thursday – the Duke and Duchess made a technical stop in this town after landing at Heathrow. His final destination was The Hague but it was essential to visit the Queen. Yes indeed, Archie and Lilibet They did not travel with them, so Isabel II has been left without knowing the great-granddaughter who bears her name.

How did the meeting go?, where was also the Prince of Wales? Well, it has only transpired that it has occurred, not how, but the fact that this has happened is a sign that there has been good harmony between all. Because Isabel II does not receive who she does not want to see -and even less so when she is still weak, like now- and Carlos does not alter his agenda (he is substituting his mother in everything related to Holy Week) if it is not because he wants to, so, even without images or statements, we dare to say that it must have been a friendly moment.

Oh, but how much Archie looks like Harry in this new image!

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