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Shaun Runyon is a Pennsylvania man who is inculpated of killing three co-workers in Florida. He is blamed for killing three laborers of his site with a slugger and blade. He used to function as a circuit repairman in Polk County. As per police specialists, Runyon engaged in a question with his boss on Friday, first October 2021, and later in that debate, he assaulted four men with whom he was sharing his work and home in Davenport. The three of those collaborators have been killed nearby and the fourth one is seriously harmed.

Shaun Runyon

Shaun Runyon Wiki

As per the public records that we found on the internet, he was born in March 1982 and been lived in a few spots all through Pennsylvania. It incorporates Schnecksville, Sciota, Monroeton, Effort, and Kunkletown. He is presumably a hitched man and sealed the deal with Allyson Runyon, despite the fact that who are his folks it’s as yet not uncovered in the media. Taking everything into account then he is functioning as an electrical foreman for PJ Smith Electric.

Shaun Runyon Biography

Real Name Shaun Runyon
Birth Date March 1982
Age (as of 2021) 39 Years
Native Nazareth, Pennsylvania, USA
Nationality American
Profession Electrical Forman
Religion Christianity
Sun sign



Relationship Status

Marital Status Married
Affair No
Who is his wife? Allyson B Runyon

Whole Incident

As indicated by Sheriff Grady Judd, this was the cutthroat, determined, and disregarded killing monster that arranged every one of the things in an extraordinary way alongside whom he planned to kill. As indicated by the authorities, he was working for a Pennsylvania-based organization that was further intending to construct another structure of Publix supermarket in Florida. Shaun Runyon has been blamed for accuses of three counts of first-degree murder. He utilized lethal weapons like a disturbed battery to kill the people who were working with him. One of the four people was killed while he dozed.

There were seven individuals in his home at the hour of the episode. This was quite possibly the most disastrous and awful incident at any point happened to anybody. Runyon cut and beat individuals with whom he was living and admitted them to killing. He knew each of the casualties well indeed and at the hour of the occurrence, nobody had the possibility that he would shock everybody so terrible that inside 24 hours he would return to endeavor to kill every one of them. Runyon was before captured on the charge of making aggressive behavior at home in May 2021 yet was liberated on bail.


Every one of the casualties whom he assaulted have been recognized. One of them was 41 years of age and the other two were 46 and 44 individually. Every one of them had a place with Ohio as per the sheriff. They were all working for making the structure with an electrical organization. They were having a brilliant group of laborers. It is being said that Runyon had pre-chosen the arrangement to violently kill these people. He had a lot of time to adjust his perspective rather he utilized that chance to get ready for the homicide and kill the people. The casualties have been distinguished as Kevin Lanusse, 41, Gregory Dolezal, 44, and Dewlon Donell, 46.

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Shaun Runyon punched his supervisor during the debate on the site on Friday before he got back and chosen to remain with different specialists till the following morning. Later he assaulted his colleagues and caused them to endure till death. On Friday (morning) at 2 am, Shaun Runyon got made with the occurrence of what occurred among him and his chief later to which he escaped from the functioning site or the work environment. He left the spot that time and from that point forward he had not been seen by anybody on the site. On second October the occurrence occurred with a triple manslaughter in Davenport, Florida where Shaun and other colleagues were living in a similar spot while working for the electrical work. They were supposed to be living in the space nearby to the work environment.

Statement from Sheriff

The sheriff let the media know that at 9:45, we got a call at 911 advising us about the homicide. It was being educated that he killed somebody. What’s more, what they found was that Shaun went to kill individuals with a slugging stick, blade and let individuals endure till they come to death.

The sheriff told that one of the casualties has endure the assault and he has been taken to the medical clinic where he later kicked the bucket. Another casualty was discovered dead toward the front of the yard where he attempted to escape from the scene however Runyon wounded him with a blade. The fourth casualty was continued in the road and was hit with the play club in the side of his shoulder and back. One more man with his significant other and the 7-year-old young lady kid had the option to get away from the occurrence with no damage. Following killing every one of the three, Shaun Runyon ran away from the area.

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