Britney Spears announces that she is pregnant

We knew that in 2022 we were going to have a lot of good news from Britney Spears, since the end of his guardianship was confirmed on November 12 of the previous year, in the hands of his father since 2007 and held against his will. Justice finally agreed with her and her star recovered her freedom in every way: she was once again the owner of her life, her own money and her own body. Shortly before a judge ruled the end of her guardianship, she announced her engagement to Sam Ashgari, her longtime boyfriend; and now she herself has just revealed on Instagram that she has fulfilled another of her dreams: she’s pregnant!

We say ‘dream fulfilled’ for good reason: during her iron-fisted father’s tutelage that extended into the most unimaginable aspects of her existence, Brit had an intrauterine device (IUD) implanted to prevent any pregnancy. This IUD was an imposition from his father although she had always wanted to have a third child -she has two, Sean and Jayden, 15 and 16 years old respectively-.

Owner -literally- of her body, she has finally been able to fulfill her will to become a mother again next to the person she loves. Will she have to wait donatella versace, in charge of her wedding dress, to change the design of the garment to make room for her pregnant belly? Little does it matter now: Britney and Sam will become parents as they wish.

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In the Instagram post in which Spears has made the long-awaited announcement, there are no photos of her new physical form, but there are several declarations of intent:

  • The first is that he won’t go out as much as before so as not to ‘feed’ the paparazzi (wow, don’t make a fortune at his expense by taking pictures of him).
  • The second, and very important, has talked about the perinatal depression that she suffered in her previous pregnancies, an issue that was hardly discussed 16 years ago and about which today, fortunately, there is already a dialogue in society and in the media that It’s done away with that stigma. Yes, that stigma that, in her case, ended with a guardianship that lasted more than a decade because her own family and the whole of society preferred to take her for an unbalanced instead of taking seriously that she could be going through a delicate moment.

Now Britney can only be happy and enjoy her family. !! Congratulations!!

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